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Dear Beloved Ramadan

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  • 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Ramadan is coming this spring! Around the world this marks a time for retreating within, a time for our souls to come alive and a time to experience renewal. It is also a time of abundant inner growth and spirituality to prepare us for the year ahead.
Why not take time out for yourself & join us to nurture your soul to prepare for this blessed month and the year ahead.
We hope that, like nature in spring, through this preparation we can be renewed & uplifted. The beauty of spring will serve as a constant reminder of just how beautiful change can be.

Study & Reflection Sessions:

  • A Study & a Rendition of the Qasida Burda (Ustadha Siddiqua Sarwar)
  • Selections from the Book of Remembrances & Supplicating with the Divine Names (Ustadha Mariam Badat)
  • Know Yourself: Body-Mind-Soul (Fatima Rasool- Qualified Naturopath in Herbal Medicine & Unani Tibb Practitioner)

Reflections & Discussion Sessions:

Weekly Soul-Care Journaling & Questions & Answers (Ustadha Safiyya Dhorat)
Guest Speakers:

Ramadan-Qur'an Connections, Let Us Begin! (Shaykha Quratulain Aboo)
Journeying to the Divine in an Age of Distraction (Ustadha Uzma Jung)
Course Info:
Every WEDNESDAY, 6PM - 9PM (Starting 3RD FEB 2021)
Printable BODY-MIND-SOUL-CARE Journal Provided


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